Hello I’m Nick. I hail from a family of keen gardeners and started my gardening journey off as a market gardener growing vegetables on a large farm in Sussex. I then retrained in Horticulture studying up to the RHS level 3 august162qualification including garden design at Plumpton College. 5 years ago I bought my business to Brighton to work in people’s back gardens. I am passionate about the environment and the way we can work with nature to create beautiful gardens.  If you are keen to learn more about gardening, I am very happy to work alongside you and help bring out your inner gardener.

Have you ever thought of using reclaimed and recycled materials to form beautiful sculptures and features in your garden?

Making a features out of water saving features can not only look good it can also be a haven for  fish, dragonflies, frogs and birds, adding to the local wildlife population.

Have you ever considered putting part of your garden over to wild flowers? It’s low maintenance, very beautiful and creates a superb insect habitat.

How about design in a quiet space into your garden, however small, to maximise the health giving benefits your garden can bring you? A place you can unwind and that can inspire you. A place you know you can always retreat to.

By hiring me you can be confident that you are doing something positive for yourself, your local environment, Now surely that’s a win win!

I look forward to helping you create your beautiful garden!